Samy & Amy Bouzaglo Dish the Truth to Totally Driven Radio about Kitchen Nightmares, YELP, Cyber Bullies, Their own Reality Show & much more !!!

Samy & Amy Bouzaglo Dish the Truth

to Totally Driven Radio about………..

Kitchen Nightmares, YELP, Cyber Bullies,

Their own Reality Show & much more !!!


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Samy and Amy Bouzaglo who rose to worldwide fame this past year on an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s hit show, Kitchen Nightmares, where the show came into ABC Amy’s Baking Company,  where people called them crazy, delusional, and many other things that should not be said about other people.

Well Samy and Amy wanted to come onto Totally Driven Radio and spill the beans to us about the show, Kitchen Nightmares, the website YELP, as well as Cyber Bullies, and just tell their side of the story, which is the truth.

In this interview, you find out that both Samy and Amy are actually, very nice, well-mannered people who just want to run their business and make delicious food and pastry for their customers.

Amy explained to us how they ended up on Kitchen Nightmares, which was a shock.

She also explained how the website YELP has been trying to extort money from them and other businesses in their area, and they have proof.

Amy tells us that if they were introduced to the world by Martha Stewart, or Oprah Winfrey people would have loved them.

Amy told us, that when they watched the episode of Kitchen Nightmares, they laughed their asses off.

She explained how the internet is the wild Wild West, and someone needs to stand up to this cyber bullies, whether it is YELP, or people bullying each other.

Amy talked about how hard it is to find hard working employees, who want to work, and not just collect a paycheck.

She explained that both her and her husband doing everything in the business, and there is no shame is any part of it.

Amy told us how this past summer, they were Arizona’s #1 Tourist destination this past summer.amy-and-samy-bouzaglo-are-the-owners-of-amys-baking-company-in-scottsdale-az-samy-runs-the-restaurant-while-amy-runs-the-kitchen

She joked that their employees called them “AMYIENS or ALIENS, because they work 18 hour shifts, and do not stop, sometimes without a break for food or water.

She also explained they were investigated for stealing their customer’s tips and what was investigation exposed.

Amy explained how they have open investigation ongoing with the FBI, for their computers being hacked, customers harassing and threatening them with death threats and rape.

Amy also gave us the exclusive scoop about their reality show.

At the end of the interview, Both Samy and Amy were very humbled by the whole interview, and being allowed to speak the truth, from their hearts about everything, and they just ask the world to give them a chance to hear the truth, and here it is.

Samy and Amy joins Totally Driven Radio at the 88 minute mark, and hangs out with the boys for over 60 minutes to discuss these topics and more.

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